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Building without sacrifice.

         Many people have become curious about barndominiums as a new construction alternative. Over the last 5 years they went from the hot, new-but-questionable trend, to now officially becoming a main stream alternative to those who want to build on their own land without sacrificing due to cost. 

         Today's custom home builders are usually priced around $200/s.f.+, making a1,500 s.f. home $300,000- and that's not including porches, garages, etc.. Meanwhile, the interest in living on the land or generally having more space between you and your neighbors has certainly increased...

         So, if privacy and space is what you've been looking for, you're in the right place... Welcome!

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The Barndo Co is THE South East's premier Barndominium Builder, and quickly making it's way to becoming the National Premier Barndo Builder.


Barndominiums have been built a myriad of ways since they first crested the scene: pole-barn styles, steel structures and everything in between. The Barndo Co set out to create a Barndo that fits the needs of all - a true home, more specifically one which could pass through financing!


Creating a Hybrid structure of steel trusses and wooden posts has catapulted this company forward, providing expansive open concepts that most everyone loves and allowing customization of every kind within it's four sturdy walls. 

Within a year and a half, demand for this style of home has allowed The Barndo Co to spread its wings to service South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia with multiple other states on the horizon for expansion soon.

I chose to work with The Barndo Co for many reasons, but one of the most important is their core values. 


B - Be the Best at Everything we do

A - Always growing

R - Really Love what we do

N - Never Stop Giving

O - Our legacy is what drives us

Our Mission is to turn impossible dreams of building into a possible reality. 

I welcome you to dive in to learn more - your dream may not be as far as you think... 

Learn more by scheduling a 30 minute call with me to discuss everything you need from preparing, to budget, pricing, standards, and resources. 

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